Tai Chi Fusion

11:15am Thursday

Class Description

Join in this moving, meditative practice to cultivate balance, flexibility and overall wellbeing, from the inside-out. Learn foundational, easy-to-remember sequences that blend a modified Yang-style Tai Chi with other contemplative, movement-arts practices, all with an emphasis on aligning body, mind and spirit. This is the perfect practice for reducing stress and coming back to yourself.

Margo Pedrick


My curiosity about what it is to be a human being –from the inside out- led to a study and practice of yoga that began in my twenties. Decades later a friend introduced me to the practice of Tai Chi. After a year or so, my life took a turn and the Tai Chi didn’t follow. . . until 2009, when intuition nudged me to revisit the practice. Since then I’ve studied and practiced with International Taoist Tai Chi Society (ITTCS) instructors (2010-2016) as well as with Master Bruce Frantzis of Energy Arts (Oxford, England, Qigong & Tai Chi Retreats, fall of 2017). Accredited in 2011, I was an ITTCS beginning instructor and set leader until 2016, when I branched out to teach independently. My Tai Chi practice is based on continuing education (such as “Presence Through Movement” with Kim Eng), which ongoingly informs what I offer students. My curiosity deepens, along with a joy that comes from sharing this beneficial practice.