Restorative Yoga

10:15am Friday

Class Description

Replenish and rejuvenate at the deepest levels through supported, long-held poses that access the connective tissues and encourage full-bodied reset and relaxation. These passive, floor-based poses, which focus on gentle backbends, forward folds and twists, help calm the nervous system and provide a powerful antidote to life's fast-paced frenzy. In addition to stress-relief, restorative yoga can help ease pain and tension stored in the body and can improve sleep and focus. The perfect way to end a busy week… or prepare for a weekend at home with the kids.

Kimi Hendrix


Kimi Hendrix received her 200RYT training through Odyssey Yoga in 2016.

She has been practicing yoga, as well as many different types exercise including Qi Gong for more than a decade. Kimi believes that through mindful movement and breathing she can help her students feel more balanced physical and mentally. She teaches primarily Vinyasa, Slow Flow & restorative styles of yoga. Kimi strives to facilitate a class that is both welcoming, nourishing & fun for all levels of yogis.  


Kimi & her husband Mike have called Longmont home since 2003. She also enjoys hiking, biking, motorcycling, playing guitar, singing, cooking, crafting, reading, thrift shopping, & soaking up the Colorado sunshine.