Practical Karate

9:15am Thursday

Class Description

Internalize the principles of self-defense by developing the muscle memory to escape, strike or subdue through this weekly practice that combines traditional, punches, kicks and blocks. We’ll emphasize efficient movement, core strength, balance and flexibility while developing an understanding of how the body moves and reacts. Beyond learning how to get out of a difficult situation, basic karate skills will help you focus better, stand taller, and feel more confidence!

Gus Brockmann Bio

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Gus Brockmann has been practicing Wado-Kai karate for about 30 years. He is a student of Sensei Hiro Tanabe who first learned karate in Japan and moved the U.S. to teach and pursue and education in the late 1970s. Gus gained a love of practicing and teaching karate over the time spent with Sensei Tanabe, has competed and trained internationally, and is now opening his own dojo (karate school) in Longmont. Gus had taught self defense classes on college campuses, in women's shelters, to youth groups, and at fitness centers.