Gentle Flow Yoga

11:15am Friday

Class Description

Gentle flow yoga class incorporates a mix of vinyasa flow and restorative poses, blending the joy of stretching and movement with the centering benefits of seated postures and breath work. Each class will begin with a short meditation and focuses on both physical and mental well being. All levels.

Lee Roach


Lee began practicing yoga a couple of decades ago and what started as a something fun and different to do after work, quickly grew into a passion. The journey began as a hobby, and with ebbs and flows, became the foundation and guidance for many life changes. Prenatal yoga classes increasingly became her focus as she and her husband started a family, as well as an increased emphasis on wellness living. Lee has completed coursework in herbology, aromatherapy and ayurvedic therapies, and received her 200-hr yoga teaching certificate in early 2018. She works part time, is a wife and a mother to two young girls, and is currently working on a second degree in human physiology and biology. Yoga remains the grounding energy in a busy life, as well as a restorative and supportive practice as her family continues to grow. Lee loves sharing yoga practice and meditation with others, and looks forward to sharing the grounding and balance of a centered practice with each of you.