Core Strength For All

11:15am & 12:15pm Tuesday

Class Description

This class is led by Dr. Michael Morrison, Doctor of Physical Therapy at Red Hammer Rehab and Revolution Running coach. Exercises are specifically designed to keep you healthy and strong year-round. Every class is created to protect your back, preserve proper alignment, and maintain good body mechanics. Michael has extensive educational background on biomechanics, anatomy, and injury prevention, so adapting exercises to your current ability is easily accommodated so there is room for all. As athletes we rely heavily on our core muscles for strength, speed, and stability. However, if these muscles are weak (and they usually are), surrounding joints, connective tissue, and muscles will become more heavily under strain. This class is here to focus on these major muscles. While we are working hard on the core, the fun and laughter in the class will also add a good bonus core workout

Michael Morrison PT, DPT

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JMichael works at Red Hammer Rehab in Louisville, and lives in Longmont with his wife, Jen, and daughter, Scout. He recently moved back to Colorado after practicing physical therapy and living in Florida for 9 years after graduating from the University of Colorado with his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree where he was president of the 2008 class. In addition to post-graduate training, he has extensive experience treating runners and triathletes as well as individuals with balance conditions.


He has also been a running coach for 10+ years. Michael became interested in physical therapy because he is a self-described “people person” who loves to encourage others to perform at their best and enjoy healthy living. He integrates manual therapy and exercises with a heavy dose of patient education to achieve optimal performance for his patients. “I always say I am doing my job well when I don’t have to see you again for the same thing.” Michael believes it is in empowering patients to be participants in their recovery that the best results are achieved. He feels it is imperative to help patients identify the root causes of their symptoms, often involving assessment of postures assumed throughout the day as well as biomechanical deficiencies identified during the activity of choice. He also utilizes dry needling techniques as an adjunct to his treatment, having received his certification from dr. Lin-tau Ma’s Integrative Dry Needling program.


Outside of the clinic you will find Michael running, cycling, coaching with Revolution rRunning, or escaping to the mountains with his family for some hiking or camping. He enjoys giving back to the local community, and he and his wife are heavily involved in a long-term community-development project in Uganda. Michael and Jen have spent the majority of any free time over the last two years building their tiny house, as they seek to simplify their lives (and have more time for their new family to explore the mountains).