Prenatal Yoga

2:00pm Saturday

Class Description

This class is designed to nourish and strengthen women during their journey to motherhood. Mamas will learn to use yoga’s mind/body awareness to connect with their own innate wisdom, changing bodies and growing baby. This gentle, but challenging class will meet you where you are, whether you are brand new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner. Prenatal yoga has many benefits, including strengthening the uterus and pelvic muscles, improving circulation, aiding digestion, exercising the spine and increasing overall comfort. But the biggest benefit is sitting in circle with other women who walk the same path, creating connections that offer support now and into the future joys and challenges of motherhood.

Jessa Buchalter

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My mother (my very first yoga teacher) boasts that I began my yoga practice in the womb. I grew up immersed in yoga, with the understanding that our thoughts are powerful and so is our ability to create healing for ourselves. As a kinesthetic learner, I love to move and I have a deep curiosity about how and why our bodies work and the subtle actions of yoga asana. It was this curiosity that led me to my first teacher training in 2007 and has inspired my practice and study over the last 10 years.


Yoga has enriched my life in many ways but I took it for granted, as the young and healthy often do, until the birth of my daughter in 2009. Yoga was my lifeline during this beautiful, transformational and challenging time. My experience of empowerment during my pregnancy and birth inspired me to share the powerful tools yoga provides with other new mamas and their families. I believe that living our most joyful and embodied lives is an inside out process. When you become aware of your unconscious movement and thought patterns, you begin to see and understand the energetic blocks in your body and your life. This awareness empowers you to be the change you want to create in your life. We are more powerful than we know! I am passionate about supporting my students on this journey of self discovery.