Barre Fusion

10:15am Wednesday

Class Description

Look like a dancer without having to be one! Barre Fusion is a beautiful and effective combination of the traditional elements of barre (ballet, yoga, and Pilates) with the additions of strength training and cardio blasts, all of which work together to lift, sculpt, tone, and lengthen your entire body. Barre Fusion focuses on the most “stubborn” areas of the abs, back, seat, thighs, and arms that aren’t typically used, and in the process, improves your posture and balance and makes you stronger, more flexible, and less prone to injuries in your everyday life. Each class will be different to prevent plateaus and muscle/joint overuse and to ensure you feel challenged and stronger after every session.


Barre Fusion is designed for people of all fitness levels. Close attention is paid to proper form to ensure you get the most out of your workout, and modifications are readily available for every movement. Come to class as you are (no fancy socks, attire, or beauty routine needed here!), and be prepared to use all the props available to us.


Fair Warning: You might leave class quaking, drenched in sweat, and feeling the burn when sitting down and climbing stairs, but you’ll quickly come to embrace the shakes and love the transformation in your body.

Monica Cesario 


Monica has been taking, performing, and teaching ballet, ballroom, and folk dance for over 20 years and has received both awards and scholarships for her dancing, but she credits Barre Fusion with helping her achieve her strongest body yet!


Monica first discovered the barre fitness craze at Xtend Barre in her early 20s, and while she had participated in a wide variety of aerobics, boot camp, and dance-inspired workouts since her adolescence, she was immediately hooked on barre’s amazing results and the way it reversed the strain of sitting at an office desk all week. She was able to continue with ballet, barre, yoga, and Zumba classes all the way through her pregnancies, but when she struggled to regain her core strength after delivery, she concentrated her workouts singularly on barre, where she saw fast and lasting results under her mentor Joanna Bruni—a 25-year fitness veteran, who currently specializes in Pre/Postnatal Barre Fusion. Monica got her first taste of teaching Barre Fusion this last fall when Joanna was recovering from surgery, and she was asked to demonstrate all movements for Joanna’s classes. Monica has been working towards becoming a certified group fitness instructor ever since.


A mother of two, Monica is passionate about helping other women maintain their strength for labor and delivery, speed up their postpartum recovery, and improve their overall posture, endurance, and flexibility. She combines everything she’s learned over the past 20 years into her lesson plans to create a full-body blend of ballet, yoga, Pilates, low-impact aerobics, and weight training that will lift your seat, slim your thighs, sculpt your upper body, and isolate your core.


When she’s not at the barre, Monica enjoys cycling and cooking nutrient-dense foods with her family and reading—particularly books and articles on health, nutrition, and fitness.