Barre Fitness

10:15am Wednesday

Class Description

Jenna Szalapski Bio

Barre fitness is about lean strength training that is gentle on your body and joints. This is a whole body workout using body weight and some light hand weights. This class can be customized and modified to fit each person’s needs and fitness level. We’ll turn up the beats and have a great sweat.

Hi! I’m Jenna. I’m passionate about Barre because it was a key element to getting fit after four babies (three cesareans). I homeschool my youngest three while my oldest attends the blind school in the Springs. I was raised on a hobby farm in MO. I’m second of seven children. I enjoy adventures of many kinds from traveling to jeeping. I like all manner of sports, mainly basketball and racquetball. I started taking barre classes about 4 years ago. When I saw how gentle and efficient a workout could be, I was all in; I had to get training and share these amazing workouts with others. If you have questions about the class, please email me: