Awaken the Dance

12:00pm Saturday

Class Description

Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or self-professed “I-can’t” dancer, Awaken the Dance is designed with you in mind. This freeform practice follows the same structure each week –starting in stillness, building up the BPMs and closing in circle with fellow dancers. Bring whatever you’re wrestling with in life and dance it out. Watch week to week how your life unfolds with fresh vigor as you allow the wisdom of your body to take the lead. Your practice each week is exactly what you need it to be because your only objective is to honor what your body wants in each and every moment, regardless of what is happening around you. This space of radical permissiveness will help you hone your capacity to listen to, trust in and nourish your body. Come injured, exhausted, stressed and heartbroken. Come wild, joyous, whooping and pleasured. All of you is welcome here. Let’s practice the divine art of feeling good in our bodies, for good.

Emily Waldeck Bio

I've always been insatiably curious about the nature of the cosmos and what started as a childhood love of the natural, observable world evolved into a passion for all things science. My scientific seeking culminated in a master’s program in Geology, where my faith in science was shattered by a series of profound synchronicities.


Suddenly awakened to a paradigm beyond what science could yet explain, I left academia in 2007 to follow the mystery. Again guided by synchronicity, I found myself working in a series of seemingly unrelated fields –from wilderness therapy and addiction intervention to graphic/web design and brand development and later to soul craft and the ceremonial arts. Despite their apparent disjointedness, each of these passions and professions, in their own way, softened my focus from the strictly scientific, literal, mental lens of my youth to the symbolic, liminal, mythic language of the Self.


I began facilitating sacred, transformational group experiences in 2012 and since then, ceremony has become an everyday way of metabolizing and making meaning of the messier parts of life. In 2016, when invited to train with Awaken the Dance founder, Hannah Kinderlerher, I immediately recognized Hannah’s particular blend of movement and music as ceremony of the very best kind –one devoted entirely to embodiment, evolution and enjoyment! In facilitating Awaken the Dance, I have found a long-sought-after means of merging my many passions and I thrive on empowering my fellow dancers to live into more vibrant, inspired and embodied expressions of themselves.