All Levels Jazz

11:15am Friday

Class Description

All Levels Jazz Dance Class- this class is for anyone curious about jazz dance, looking for a non-threatening way to get back into dance, or just wanting to have fun while moving their body. Jazz dance is a fusion between dance technique, style and attitude. Movements are about shape, rhythm and individual expression. First and foremost, the goals of this class are to have fun and find more freedom and joy in moving our bodies, while learning new ways to express ourselves. This class is also offered as a way to tap into a sassiness, a sensualness and a fun-loving-ness that can be lost in the day to day tasks of life, work and parenthood. Each class will include stretching, strengthening, follow the leader movement and learned choreography. 

Jill Leversee

Jill Leversee.jpeg

Jill has her undergraduate degree in dance from University of Colorado, Boulder and was a professional dancer and dance teacher in Seattle for many years. In 2012, she moved back to Colorado, where she grew up, to attend graduate school at Naropa University, where she received a masters degree in counseling with a focus on dance movement therapy and body psychotherapy in 2015. As a dance movement therapist, Jill strongly believes that the body is a source of wisdom that can be a gateway to profound personal insight and transformation. She loves dance as a space for fun, release, finding empowerment in what our bodies are capable of, community and self-expression   She is also a mom who lives in Longmont with her husband and daughter, Lucy.  She loves Family Village and all it stands for and offers and is so glad to be involved and supported by it! 

I am a 500 hour certified yoga instructor. I studied under the talented and knowledgeable Tom Quinn, Quinn Kearny, Geri Bleier, and Claire Mark at Yogaview Chicago, and have collected hours of continuing education & trainings since then. My trainings have had a focus on human anatomy, proper alignment, safe adjustments and assists, as well as yoga philosophy and meditation. My classes range from Vinyasa Flow, pre/post-natal, Gentle/Restorative, Ashtanga, & Rocket Vinyasa, with all levels in mind and the belief that yoga is beneficial to everyone and anyone.


My enjoyment of practicing Ashtanga Yoga & meditation, embodying a nurturing motherhood, and love of music also positively influence my style of teaching. It is with deep gratitude that I serve others in the practice of yoga asana and meditation.